Second Collection for Retired and Infirm Priests

Make sure to remember the retired priests of our diocese by making a gift to the Retired and Infirm Priests second collection. This collection is used to directly support all retired priest’s welfare including assisted living and memory care, medical costs and much more. Please make your gift at or by calling 303-867-0614. Your generosity supports retired priests from our Archdiocese. They have given us so much. Now it is our turn to be there for them.

Religious Education 


Registration for YEAR ONE for 2021-2022 Religious Education classes at St. Anthony of Padua will open in August date and time to be determined.



Bring three proof of certificates to the enrollment:

(Birth, Baptism and Holy Communion) if you have received the sacrament.

Fees: $80.00 per child, 3 or more children $240.00

NO personal checks, debit/credit card accepted.

Please make money orders to: St. Anthony of Padua Church RE

This is a Two year program and each year registration and fees are required to re-enroll your children into the second year of the Religious Education program.

Any questions, please contact us by email or phone in the numbers below. Do not call the Parish Office for questions regarding religious education. Thank you.


Tina (720) 819-7713

Valeria (303) 720-6863

Pre-Baptismal Class

Register at the office

Next class is August 1, 2021

Room #4 at 3:00pm

Kids under 7 years old

(No visa)

Parents: $30 Donation

Single Godparents older than 16 years old confirmed: $30 Donation

Godparents married through the catholic church: $30 Donation


The church of St. Anthony of Padua now has  Flocknote. In the future, you will receive text messages or emails from  St. Anthony of Padua. These messages are not junk or spam. This allows the church to send important messages to all of our congregation. If you have not received text messages or emails, please go to the website below, follow the instructions and sign up.

Daily Masses

Monday – 8am (English) & 6pm (Spanish)

Tuesday – 8am (English) & 6pm (Spanish)

Wednesday – 8am (English) & 6pm (Spanish)

Thursday – 8am (English) & 6pm (Spanish)

Friday – 8am (Englsih) & 6pm (Spanish)

There is no mass Saturday morning

Sunday Masses 

Saturday – 4:30pm (Anticipated Mass)

Sunday – 7:30am (Spanish)

9:30am (English & transmitted live on Facebook)

11:30am (Spanish & transmitted live on Facebook)

1:30pm (Spanish)

5:00pm (Spanish)

Times of Confession

Monday to Friday  5:30pm-6:00pm

Saturday 3:30pm – 4:30pm



You are all in our prayers 

             Father Wojciech and the office staff