Masses 4th Sunday of Advent & Christmas


The Fourth Sunday of Advent falls on Christmas Eve this year, and Christmas is NOT moved to Sunday. You will have to go to Mass twice on one weekend. Our Archdiocese had provided guidance since there are obligations to attend one Mass for the 4th Sunday of Advent, and one Mass for Christmas. Both obligations cannot be fulfilled by attending only a single Mass, not even on Sunday evening. Liturgies earlier than 4 PM on Sunday, December 24th celebrate the 4th Sunday in Advent, (Sunday Obligation). Christmas Vigil may be celebrated any time after 4 PM on Sunday, December 24. Christmas obligation may be fulfilled by attending any Mass after 4 PM on Sunday through Monday.


Anticipatory 4th Sunday of Advent Mass:
Saturday 23, 6:00pm – English

4th Sunday of Advent24:
6:45am – Spanish
8:30am – English
10:30am – English
12:30pm – Spanish
2:30pm – Spanish

Christmas Eve Sunday, 24:
6:00pm – English
9:00pm – Spanish

Christmas Day, Monday 25:
9:30am – English
12:30pm – Spanish
2:30pm – Spanish