Altar and Rosary

What is the Altar and Rosary Society?

The Altar and Rosary Society is a group of volunteers who help the church in many ways.  It has been of service to St. Anthony of Padua Church for over 50 years.

When does the Society Meet?
Meetings are held on the first Monday evening from September to May.  Potluck dinners are held in September, December, and May.  We meet in the Parish Center at 6:30 P.M. until around 8:30 P.M.   We share prayer requests and recite the rosary before each business meeting.  Afterward, we enjoy refreshments and wonderful fellowship.

What does the Society do at their meetings?
We get together to pray the Rosary, discuss what our Pastor needs from us, discuss our duties and plan for upcoming events, fundraisers, etc

What events does the Society sponsor?
Mass:  We sponsor two masses a year to honor our current and deceased members
Retreats:  We try to hold at least one retreat a year.
Receptions: We help with funeral receptions as well as receptions for clergy etc.
Annual Parish Fiesta:  Every circle is in charge of a booth or helps in a booth.

Why did I join the Altar and Rosary Society?

Building Up the Parish
I met so many wonderful women and believe that thru their volunteer actions, they were helping to build the Christian community at St. Anthony’s Church.  That was over 18 years ago and I am still attending and enjoy volunteering as an officer for the group

Fellowship and Spiritual Growth
I enjoy the fellowship I have attending the meetings ,especially since we always start with prayer.  I have belonged to other groups that I believe help our community, but Altar and Rosary has helped to increase my faith and led me to many beautiful friendships.  I love the retreats sponsored by Altar & Rosary because
they have filled a spiritual need and brought me to a closer relationship and understanding of my faith.

Help the Parish
They will find a loving, caring, group of women who help the parish in many ways.
–    Mary Rita Cordova

How does the Society spend its funds?
We donate $50.00 a month to the Food Bank; We send cards to our members or their families for:  Get Well, Thinking of You, or Sympathy.  We pay for altar linen cleaning, bought a new Easter Candle Stand, helped pay for a new Processional Cross (the Knight of Columbus paid for half of it).  Bought a new vacuum cleaner and helped pay for the new altar server robes. In the past we have bought a new candle stand, coffee pots, plaques for our deceased priests and deacons, chairs, carpeting, we contributed 1/3 for a stove in the kitchen, front entrance tile and what ever needs we can help with.

What does it cost to become a member of the Society?
Annual dues are $3 per member, collected each year in November.  We recruit new members each October.

What duties does the Society have?
The Altar and Rosary society is organized into “Circles” – groups that take turns performing the duties of the Society.  Our duties include:
Altar Care: This includes keeping the Altar vacuumed, dusted and looking nice, polish the candle stands, wash candleholders and refill them, wash and refill Holy Water fonts, clean entry way, windows, polish doors and dust confessionals.
Hostess:  Each circle takes turns to provide refreshments for our business meetings.

What are Circles?
From the main group, we divide into smaller groups which are called circles.  We currently have one circle: St. Anthony circle.  Each circle is assigned a different duty for the month.  Some members choose not to be in a circle but will help whenever they can.  Belonging to a circle is optional.

In the words of our prior A&R President:  My experience of being a circle member is wonderful.  It’s very supportive spiritually and we become stronger in our Christian Faith!

Social Times?
We delight in our annual Christmas Party!  We share a potluck dinner and exchange gifts.  We have had some great and fun entertainment.

How do I get Involved?   
Just pick up the phone and call either Norella or Josephina.  You are always welcome to attend our meetings on the First Monday of the Month from September through May.

Norella Ortiz at 303-975-0583
Josephina Wilson at 303-935-4485

Are you a “Martha” or a “Mary”?
The Lord said to her in reply, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things. There is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her.” Luke 10:41-42

In the late 1980’s St. Anthony of Padua offered a bible study group on Mark. It was at this bible study group that I met the beautiful faithful women of the parish. Sharing their faith as we studied Mark began a time where I really wanting to share my time with others through Jesus. I didn’t talk much but I wanted to be with them, learning about God. In their company I learned to be a “Mary” listening to absorb the meaning of Jesus in my life.  I felt so welcomed into this small community so accepted their invitation to join their Church and Altar and Rosary where I made more friends, prayed the rosary, worked with them in the clothing bank, cleaning the altar and church, annual retreats at St Walburga where I could become a ‘Mary’.

In our Altar and Rosary my most rewarding experience is not one single thing but a true sense of feeling Jesus in all I do. (you see I’m still a “Martha”).  I have an audio-cassette of the rosary and each morning as I take off for work or play.  I pray the rosary not always completing it but making it a good start for my day; and offering up special intentions and asking Him to guide and direct me.

Oh, I can recommend this Church family to anyone who needs to feel Christ in their life and the need to reach out to others in faith. Join us at times to help us help others by serving God at St Anthony of Padua.

– Kathy Harrower